Do You Think You Might Need To Have a Tooth Pulled?

Sometimes crowns and fillings aren’t enough to save a tooth. When you continue to have problems, or if your tooth breaks, you may need to have it pulled. At Hazel Dell Dental, we know that this can be a scary thought for many people, but rest assured, we’re here to put your mind at ease. Dr. Kelstrom has worked with hundreds of patients over the years and your comfort is our top priority. He’ll make sure to use numbing agents and a gentle hand to extract your tooth quickly and painlessly. 

Wisdom Teeth

Most people need to get their wisdom teeth removed at some point in their lives and it’s most common to have them removed when you’re a young adult. If you’ve never had yours removed and now you’re experiencing symptoms like facial swelling, pain, or swelling of the gums, you may have impacted wisdom teeth — a condition that is both serious and painful. If you think you may be having problems with your wisdom teeth, schedule an appointment right away.

Contact Hazel Dell Dental

Do you need a dentist to help with tooth extractions? Are you feeling nervous about how painful the procedure might be? Don’t put it off any longer — schedule an appointment with Hazel Dell Dental in Vancouver and you’ll see that you had nothing to worry about. Our caring staff will take care of you and relieve any fears you may have. Request an appointment today.