For some reason, whenever people think of the dentist they immediately think of cavities and fillings. Yes, at Hazel Dell Dental Care, we do deal with cavities quite often, but if people started associating the dentist’s office with regular cleanings, we might not see so many of you for fillings appointments.

That being said, sometimes cavities can occur because of factors other than your neglect for dental cleanings — and because of that — we will be discussing a few of the signs that might suggest that you are developing a cavity.

Continue reading below for more information in regard to self-diagnosing cavities.

What Is A Cavity?

Cavities are permanently damaged areas on the surface of your teeth that develop tiny openings — exposing the interior of the tooth. Also known as tooth decay and caries, cavities develop from a combination of factors like the presence of bacteria in the mouth, acidic and sugary foods, and poor dental hygiene.

If there is a silver lining to cavities, it is that they are preventable. To learn more about how you can prevent the development of cavities, simply ask your dental services provider during your next appointment. But how can you tell if you have a cavity developing?

General Toothache

If you ever develop a toothache it is important not to panic. Just because your tooth hurts does not necessarily mean that anything is wrong with it. That being said, if the toothache is constant or chronic, it may, in fact, be a sign that something is wrong with your tooth. Upon realizing that your toothache is chronic, and not just an isolated incident, simply contact your dentist in Vancouver and schedule an appointment.

Sharp Pain When Eating Or Drinking

Most people have experienced a sharp tooth pain after eating or drinking something that is very hot or very cold. The reaction to hot and cold food can be caused by a number of reasons, including general tooth sensitivity, but it can also indicate the presence of a cavity.  

Sharp pains from hot or cold food and drinks are rather common in people that have cavities, and that is no surprise. When you have a cavity, you essentially have a hole in your tooth where the hot or cold food is exposed to the sensitive nerves on the inside of the tooth. If you experience a sharp pain in your tooth, be sure to contact us at Hazel Dell Dental Care today and schedule an appointment with Doctor Kelstrom.

Discoloration Or Visible Pits

Generally speaking, cavities are pretty hard to see with your bare eye, but it is possible for cavities to become visible. Most often, by the time a cavity has become visible, you will probably be experiencing other symptoms like toothache and sensitivity. If you experience the trifecta of symptoms, be sure to visit your dentist in Vancouver right away!

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If you suspect that you might have a cavity, we urge you to get in touch with us today. Heck, even if you simply want to avoid getting a cavity we urge you to schedule a general cleaning!

If you have any further questions about cavities, or if you would like to schedule an upcoming appointment, get in touch with us today!

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