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  1. Fun Dental Facts Brought To You By Your Dentist In Vancouver

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  2. Do I Have A Cavity? Tips From your Dentist In Vancouver

    For some reason, whenever people think of the dentist they immediately think of cavities and fillings. Yes, at Hazel Dell Dental Care, we do deal with cavities quite often, but if people started associating the dentist’s office with regular cleanings, we might not see so many of you for fillings a…Read More

  3. Brushing Your Teeth — Tips From Your Dentist In Vancouver

    As a dentist in Vancouver, Washington, we know a thing or two about keeping smiles happy and healthy. That being said, we can only help you so much. When it comes to keeping your teeth white, your enamel healthy, and your dental visits down to a minimum, it is your job to make sure that you clean yo…Read More

  4. Checking “Reviews For Dentists In Vancouver”

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  5. Vancouver Dental Bridge Work

    Teeth are interesting because you never realize how much you need them until you lose a couple. Luckily, there are solutions for missing teeth that can make it seem like they were never gone at all. At Hazel Dell Dental Care we offer various dental services to the Vancouver area, including dental br…Read More

  6. Finding A Dentist In Vancouver

    Maybe you are new to Vancouver, or maybe you have just floated between dental offices for the last couple of years. Regardless of your situation, it is good to find one dental care provider and to stick with them for the time that you spend living in a certain area. Why? Well, to put it simply, you …Read More