1. Brushing Your Teeth — Tips From Your Dentist In Vancouver

    As a dentist in Vancouver, Washington, we know a thing or two about keeping smiles happy and healthy. That being said, we can only help you so much. When it comes to keeping your teeth white, your enamel healthy, and your dental visits down to a minimum, it is your job to make sure that you clean yo…Read More

  2. Common Dental Emergencies Seen In Our Vancouver Dental Care Office

    Dental emergencies are extremely common in the United States. In fact, even as far back as 1993, it was found that more than 22% of people had experienced orofacial pain at some point — and we are willing to bet that that number has gone up since then. Dental emergencies are more than just a nuisa…Read More

  3. Checking “Reviews For Dentists In Vancouver”

    If you are considering going to the dentist, you should always search “reviews for dentists In Vancouver” or a similar phrase like “reviews for dentists near me.” But why do reviews matter? Reviews are the only way that you can assess the quality of a dentist from the standpoint of the patie…Read More

  4. 5 Benefits Of Regular Dental Checks

    Most people think that dental checks are just something that you have to schedule from time to time. Ideally, you go in, the dentist cleans your teeth, and then you leave — scheduling your next appointment far enough out that you won't have to think about it for the greater part of the next year. …Read More

  5. Dentures — A Tool To Get Your Smile Back

    Nobody ever wants dentures, but plenty of people need them.  When most people think of dentures they think of a cartoonish situation where grandma goes to blow out the candles and — pop — out comes her dentures, falling onto the table in front of her. While there are plenty of viral videos that…Read More

  6. What To Expect From Our Vancouver Dental Care

    If you have visited us before, then you likely already know what to expect from us here at Hazel Dell Dental Care! If you are a new patient, however, you might not know what to expect from our Vancouver dental care facility before you get here for your scheduled visit. In an effort to make things a …Read More

  7. Why Are Dentures So Important To Oral Health

    Why Are Dentures So Important To Oral Health?

    As a dental practice that offers cosmetic dentistry in Vancouver, Washington, we understand the inherent role that dentures play in oral health. When most people think of dentures they think of their grandparents when in reality dentures are a cosmetic dental tool that is used to correct oral defici…Read More

  8. Vancouver Dental Bridge Work

    Teeth are interesting because you never realize how much you need them until you lose a couple. Luckily, there are solutions for missing teeth that can make it seem like they were never gone at all. At Hazel Dell Dental Care we offer various dental services to the Vancouver area, including dental br…Read More